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Wafer Lock Reading
Author: Robert Sieveking

  • Easy to learn.
  • No Codes needed.
  • Faster and safer than impressioning.
  • Easy to learn principles will have you reading locks fast.
  • Make keys for foreign auto without codes, disassembly or impression.
  • Reading wafer locks is one of the special skills every locksmith should master.

Advanced Wafer Lock Reading
Author: Robert Sieveking
Item: rs-wlr-2  Price: $39.95  Add to cart    

  • Reading Wafer Locks is not a new concept or difficult skill to acquire. It is one of the basic locksmith skills that will find daily use in any shop.
  • It is a preferred key making method for T-Handle, L-Handle, cam and desk lock cylinders. Foreign and Domestic automotive cylinders and motorcycle cylinders offer little more challenge than desk cylinders, if you know the secrets.
  • Wafer Locks are a pleasure when you know how to read them. This book offers the most complete reference on wafer lock reading to be found anywhere. Lock construction, Simple tools and The Proven Method are completely explained.
  • Written for locksmiths, by a working locksmith.
  • Over 200 crystal clear photos and illustrations amplify the text, to make you the expert.
  • Over 235 pages of examples and specific locksmith instruction lead you to complete mastery of the wafer lock cylinder.
  • Covers many common desk and cabinet locks, Ford 10-wafer, Ford 8-wafer, GM 10-wafer (75 GRV), GM 10-wafer (93 GRV), Chrysler 7-wafer (Y154), Chrysler 7-wafer (Y157), Chrysler 8-wafer (Y-159) and motorcycles.
  • It is a self-study course and a reference manual.
  • Advanced Wafer Lock Reading is the book every locksmith needs.
  • Wafer Lock Reading saves time and effort, and increases your “earning potential.”