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Tubular Lock Service
Author: Robert G. Sieveking
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Tubular Lock Service is indispensible!

This book contains complete step by step service and disassembly methods on nearly all current tubular locks along with key making tips, picking tools, methods and bypass procedures. This book will make you the expert. Written by an experienced locksmith, it will give you the background and experience based tips necessary to begin any tubular lock job with confidence and finish it with satisfaction.

Hundreds of Photos and Illustrations show the lock cylinder configurations, tables of information and decoding methods not found in any other resource. The book covers many types of Tubular Lock Picks and bypass tools, along with actual photos and instruction on the proper use of the tools. Secret locksmith techniques s are covered in complete detail for determining the unknown combinations for ACE Change-Matic and Fort Gem- Matic cylinder.

What makes the ACE II cylinder harder to pick than other cylinders? What unique principles were used to make the Fort APEX cylinders so pick resistant?

All of these secrets and more will be revealed in The National Locksmith Guide to: TUBULAR LOCK SERVICE Tubular Lock Service. It is a must have reference