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National Locksmith Car Book on CD

The Car Book takes all the surprise out of locksmithing on cars. No longer do you have to search for clues on how to open the locked vehicle. We have photos. Thousands of them. Showing the linkages, the tools, the inside of the whole door panel.

No longer will you enjoy struggling to find code locations, wafer locations, and airbag information. The Car Book gives it all away. We make it too easy. You’ll miss those fun hours of frustration.

The Car Book is a book on CD. Just pop it in your computer, and read 1,759 pages of 100% automotive locksmithing. If you like paper, no problem. Print out the vehicle you need. Print them all. Or read on your computer, enjoying features like key word search, and a detailed index with make, model, and year.

If you like walking down the lonely midnight alley of transponders, wondering if and how you can program them, DO NOT buy The Car Book from The National Locksmith®. You’ll get complete programming information on every vehicle using a transponder. And we hold your hand as you make the first key for about 200 vehicles.

Foreign, domestic, even high security…The Car Book covers loads of specific vehicles from 1995 to 2005 with thousands of photos. Covers American, German, Japanese and European cars.

Car Book on CD
Item: np-nlaa-d-cb  Price: $99.00  Add to cart    

This CD contains over 1,700 pages of automotive locksmith service. A multitude of articles give you complete service procedures for a wide variety of cars. Techniques covered include code locations, lock and column disassembly, lockouts, and much more. Hundreds of huge photos show you how to service domestic, foreign, and even high security vehicles with ease. All known key blanks are given, as are all details you would need to work on the vehicle.

12 Monthly paper updates to the Car Book on CD also includes a 1 year membership to the NLAA (ID and Certificate)
Item: np-nlaa-d-ao  Price: $24.95  Add to cart    

Only Available as an Add on to The Car Book on CD. Can not be purchased separately

Here's what you get when you join the NLAA:

  • Membership in NLAA, frameable Membership Certificate
  • NLAA Photo ID Card
  • $10,000 Membership Bond for Automotive Work
  • A subscription to our monthly newsletter on challenging cars