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Cryptology For Locksmiths
Author: by Don OShall
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Don's cryptology skills are legendary in the locksmithing and security industry, and date back to specialized military training in 1968.

He is also known for his attention to detail and is a recognized expert on Master Key Systems and Institutional Key Control. This book is a fast and efficient way to put these skills to work for you, and will enable you to seriously exceed the legal requirements to provide reasonable security for customer information, offering your customers and clients the comfort of knowing their valuable information is not just lying around written in plain English for anyone who finds it to read and compromise the data.

This instructional and reference guide provides many easy to learn and use techniques to encode confidential data such as safe combinations, Master Key Information, TMK Logs, and other customer related files. Includes many techniques for key stamping and key serialization for Key Control Management.

by Don OShall