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Safe Locks
Author: Dave McOmie
Item: dm-sl-1  Price: $110.00  Add to cart    

Dave McOmie on Safe Locks is one of the most important books ever published on safes!

Almost 300 pages of information, photographs and illustrations give you every scrap of information about a huge variety of safe locks. You'll have lock specifications, x-ray drawings, tons of Dave's famous photos and measurements, and his opening recommendations on a vast number of common, high security, modern, antique and electronic safe locks.

Included are locks made by: Alpine, Baum, Bernardini, Center, Chubb, Detroit, Diebold, Eagle, Federal, Fortronics, Giant, Halls, HHM, Ilco, Jackson, Kromer, LaGard, Lowe & Fletcher, Mas-Hamilton, Mauer, Meilink, Mosler, Pittsburg, Reliable, Remington-Rand, Rosengrens, S&G, SLS, SMP, Steel Safe, Stuv, Sun, Tann, Triumph, Victor and Yale.

Comprised of information from the massive McOmie Files, this book covers safe locks in stunning detail to make identification and opening faster than ever.