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Hinged Round Doors
Moster Safe Book
Also Available...Hinged Round Doors Volume 2
Author: Dave McOmie
Item: dm-hrd-1  Price: $125.00  Add to cart    

Time is money. And Dave McOmie is about to save you a lot of ….

• Time!
• Headaches!
• Wasted drill bits!

The long wait is over! A massive new Dave McOmie safe book is ready for delivery to you! Dave McOmie on HINGED ROUND DOORS is over three hundred pages of action packed photos, opening tips, instructions, drill points and more on a HUGE list of hinged round doors.

In his new MONSTER SAFE BOOK, Dave shows you many ways to open any one of these really common safes…yep tons of McOmie tricks! And these safes are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Four color covers, with over 300 inside pages, show hundreds and hundreds of photos of the doors and the guts. With the Dave book under your arm, opening these babies just got a LOT faster and easier.

Amazingly crisp photos show you what’s under the covers, see the lock, wheels fence, lever. Know exactly what’s on the other side of that cover, and exactly where everything is before you even touch the safe! This might just be Dave’s finest work EVER. Learn how to deal with dials, opening methods, scoping the change key hole, work through the scope, transferring and more.

Manufacturers covered include: Amsec/Star, Armor, Cary, Chicago, Chubb, Diebold, Dominion, Eastern, Florida, Gary and more..