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Gun Safes
Author: Dave McOmie
Item: dm-gs-1  Price: $110.00  Add to cart    

Need a drill point or relocker drill point on a gun safe?

Then this is THE book for you, with superb photos and precise information on gun safes made by Amsec, Blue Star, Browning, Cannon, Centurion, Cobalt, Fort Knox, Frontier, Gardall, Gold Coast, Goldfield, Granite, Hall's, Kodiak, Liberty, Treadlok, ValueLok, Winchester and Zanotti. PLUS, Dave has included an invaluable section on how to defeat the most popular locks currently on the market, both mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical locks include: Ilco P67; LaGard 3330; S&G 6730.

Electronic locks include: Amsec KPL-100, KPL-2000, ESL-10; LaGard Swingbolt, Old-Style 33E, New-Style33E, S&G 6120.

This is the first book in a brand new series, in which each volume will be dedicated to a particular type of safe. This book is on gun safes. The next one will be on vault doors. The one after that will be on GSA containers. And so on. That way, when you have a particular type of container to open, you can pull down one book...instead of searching page by page through a dozen.